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Welcome to backupVISUAL™ by AGITE Software Ltd.

The ultimate reporting solution for your Symantec NetBackup™, Backup Exec™ and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager™ backup environments.

backupVISUAL™ is the most comprehensive backup reporting solution on the market. Nothing else delivers this kind of in-depth detailed information about your backup environment.

With backupVISUAL™ it is easier to….

  • Quickly identify any backup failures or partial failures with the simple traffic light system or warnings.
  • Identify whether the existing tape drives are used to their maximum, therefore saving you unnecessary purchases of additional tapes or hardware.
  • Automate the reporting tasks for you or your clients, therefore freeing up valuable manpower resource.
  • View a representation of space allocation by the backup clients, this then allows you to see if you are charging out your services correctly.
  • Comply with adherence of Service Level Agreements due to monitoring of backup quality.