Performance Overview

backupVISUAL™ is characterized by the following performance features:

  • Client-server Application
    Thanks to consequential client-server architecture the backupVISUAL™ environment is ideally scaleable.
  • Flexible definition of reports
    Instead of predefined reports, evaluations can be very flexibly defined in backupVISUAL™. Various grouping and display options ensure that well over one hundred different reports can be generated and printed out.
  • Automatization (Intranet, Mail)
    Frequently used reports can be saved as report templates and then recalled at any time. For instance, weekly standard reports can be generated automatically and published on the company’s intranet or sent by mail.

  • Data transfer to other applications
    The copy function allows users to easily transfer reports to other applications for further processing or to save graphs in different formats.

  • Flexible licensing
    The licensing is based per Symantec NetBackup™ Master Server and per number of backed up systems. On Symantec Backup Exec™ it is based on the number of backed up systems, on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager™ per TSM server and backed up systems. Further backupVISUAL™ analysis workstations can be installed without additional costs.

  • Current data
    The backupVISUAL™ - Collector carries together the data required for the analysis from your Symantec NetBackup™ Master Server, Symanted Backup Exec™ Media Server or IBM TSM™ server at least once a day – or more upon request – and inserts it into a database. Using more up-to-date data can shorten the response time in the event of problems.

  • Individual grouping and calculation
    backupVISUAL™ offers the possibility to define your own groups and calculations. For example, reports which show actual backup costs per cost center or application can be directly created, printed or published.

  • Consolidation of backup environments
    backupVISUAL™ not only enables users to analyze single backup environments but also to consolidate backup environments in different locations for precise analysis. It is for this reason that their systems can be better monitored.
  • Drill-In
    The pertinent detail data for each value within a report can be called up at any time. roubleshooting for example is substantially simplified by this functionality.