backupVISUAL™ 3.0

After a very intensive development and test stage we are pleased to introduce the new version 3.0 of backupVISUAL™. The new version is optimized and again more standardized in many areas so that future expansions (reports, functions, features and additional platforms) can be integrated faster. Besides the internal optimizations, which are not directly visible to the user, backupVISUAL™ 3.0 has been enhanced with essential expansions:

Microsoft .NET 3.5 Support
backupVISUAL™ 3.0 supports Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and higher. With this standard the support of future platforms is assured.

64 bit support
backupVISUAL™ 3.0 is available either as a 32 bit application or as a full 64 bit application.

Introduction of Profiles for all collectors
In version 3.0 we support the powerful concept of Profiles not only for the Parser and Reporter, but also for all collectors, no matter if it is installed on Windows or on UNIX/Linux systems. In environments with multiple backup servers this allows the use of one single system to collect data from all backup servers. Since the collector is not installed on the backup server itself the data collection affects the backup servers performance much less.

New command to consolidate backupVISUAL™ databases
The all new Consolidate command allows either to add the contents of a non-consolidated database to a consolidated database or to pull out data of a single backup server from a consolidated database to a new, non-consolidated database. The last function also supports deletion of the affected data in the consolidated database.

On-Line Help und Admin Guides (Reporter, Collector and Parser)
backupVISUAL™ 3.0 comes with a complete new on-line help and admin guides (PDF documents) for Reporter, Collector and Parser.

Windows 2008 look and feel
Version 3.0 introduces the look and feel of the Windows 2008 interface.

New option "Do not collect Job details" for NetBackup collector
Since version 6.0 of Symantec NetBackup™ the amount of collected data, especially for the activity monitor, increased by minimum factor 10. This lead also to an increased duration for parsing this data. In bigger environments this may cause problems, because data does not become available in time. Version 3.0 now introduces a new option for the Symantec NetBackup™ Collector, that causes the Collector to collect simplified data for Jobs. The advantage is a highly reduced parsing time, on the other hand some information, especially about Job tries, becomes unavailable.