Some very interesting USP’s about backupVISUAL™:

  • 100% non intrusive to your backup application
    There is no need to change anything on your configuration and the backupVISUAL™ Collector is not an active service.
  • Automated reports (100%)
    By using the backupVISUAL™ BatchReporter, it is very easy to automate all your reports and feed your intranet with these or send them via email. You can also use the BatchReporter to automate internal cost allocations.

  • Native backup application terms
    The backupVISUAL™ Reporter uses the native backup application terms for the report properties. There is no need for the backup administrator to learn new expressions or try to figure out what the field XY could mean for the reports. As the programme is very simple, you can start using it straight away.

  • Number of possible Reports
    No other solution delivers this number of possible reports.

  • Open Database
    The backupVISUAL™ database structure is open. You can directly access the backupVISUAL™ database via SQL commands from any other applications.

  • Open Integration to other Applications
    You can use SQL commands and/or export the desired information as TXT, HTML or directly as XLS to allow the integration of backupVISUAL™ with other applications.

  • Does not create own data
    backupVISUAL™ does not create its own data nor does it change data to make it “compatible” for the backupVISUAL™ database!

  • In depth technical information
    No other solution delivers this in-depth technical and management-oriented reporting of your backup environment. backupVISUAL™ is the only the technical oriented reporting solution. Not only can it create really good looking reports, but the solution is also a powerful help for the backup administrators to optimize the backup environment and to greatly improve trouble shooting. Additionally backupVISUAL™ can create all the management oriented reports you will ever need.

  • Individual grouping and calculation
    backupVISUAL™ allows you to define your own groups and columns (calculation). Example: Showing the actual backup costs per cost centre and/or application.

  • Create your own Report Templates
    backupVISUAL™ comes with a numerous standard reports. The solution is so flexible that you can also create / customize your own reports.

  • Data Transfer Protocols (Firewalls etc.)
    backupVISUAL™ supports a lot of transfer protocols to transfer the collected data to the backupVISUAL™ Parser. Unique is the SMTP/POP3 transfer protocol. This protocol is the perfect solution for remote offices, managed service or high security environments. The collected data is transferred as an email attachment to the backupVISUAL™  Parser. The email client is integrated in the Collector and Parser, so there is no need to install a third party email client.

  • Very easy to install and use
    backupVISUAL™ is very easy and straightforward to install. A test installation can be completed and up and running in less than 40 minutes!

  • Scalability
    No other solution has the scalability of backupVISUAL™. The main drawback of Web GUI based solutions is the speed/performance to create reports in larger environments sometimes taking as long as 2 hours before a requested report was visible on the screen. This situation can never happen with backupVISUAL™. We support unlimited Backup Servers, unlimited Parser Systems, unlimited Databases, unlimited Workstations and unlimited Reporter systems (Creating reports for emails or Intranet).

  • Managed Service
    backupVISUAL™ can be used to provided a managed service for backup reporting.

  • Support for international character sets and date/time formats
    As a European software company we have no problems with the support of international character sets or date/time formats. Even Asia with the Dual-Byte-Character-Set is fully supported.